Models and Associated Detail Drawings are stored in the library

The Steel Designer Pro has a library manager which stores library models for you to filter and insert into your projects using automated filing. Everything from plates to projects can be stored in the library and viewed in the library manager. The beauty of using SOLIDWORKS Models is that they are parametric and the detail drawings are linked to the underlying model.

Add Models and Detail Drawings straight from your Project

The models in your project can be added to the library by using the library manager. A copy of the model is taken from the project and stored locally within the library for re-use. If there are external references looking outside the containing parent folder, they are removed. Items are stored using Country Standards, Model Types such as Welded Members, Bolted Connections, Parts etc and Library Filters such as Beams, Columns, Fin, End, Sections and Vendor Names.

Library Models have Attachment Sketches

For the maximum power of using Library Models, when inserted, they are attached to user selected sketch segments, which results in parametric changes. We work in a way where instead of starting from scratch, we simply insert a model from the library and can be 90%+ of the way there so that all we need to make, is small adjustemnts to make it match the required project's model.

Inserting from a Library is FAST, very FAST...

In one insertion, a Library model like a stair when inserted can contain up to 26 components and detail drawings in 1 go in under 30 seconds. Can you do that without automated file naming and parametric mates and relationships....?

Multi-User Environment and Library Management

Our Multi-User Environment allows companies to share libraries with the library manager via the cloud to one another. Allowing them to expand their businesses globally in multiple time zones.