As we all know the end result of a project is its deliverables. Its drawings and any reporting such as cut lists and Bolt Schedules. Below are the batch processes provided within Steel Designer Pro:

  • Automated Collection of Drawings from within a Project
  • Filtered Selection of Zones, Types, Revisions
  • Batch Revision Control
  • Batch Custom Property Update
  • Batch Save as DXF, DWG, PDF
  • Importing of General Arrangement Drawings
  • Batch insertion of BOM
  • Document Register

Other features make life so much easier such as Document Geneneration for General Arrangements, Sections and Plates, BOM Insertion, Plate DXF creation and Reporting.


There is nothing like a decent document manager that does batch processing. Since Structural projects have a tendency to contain alot of drawings, batching is the way to go. Imagine converting over 1000 drawings to PDF or revising them manually and then converting them manually, the time saved with a batch process will pay for the application and then some. It certainly has for us.


Manual Drawing creation is time consuming and when speaking to everyone about it, its the most unliked process of design. We have removed alot of repetative processes out of drawing creation and have automated it as much as we can. General Arrangements, Sections and Plates can all be automatically detailed using this fantastic feature and we believe that by combining detailed drawings to library items and automating the detailing should take most of the pain away.


Generate Custom Reports or Use the Defaults for Cut Lists and Bolt Schedules. Itemized data, Group data or Total the Data.


With consolidation, quantities for a component by mark are totalled and its description is added. For Welded Members, totals relating to that member are totalled and shown. Our BOM is automated based on consolidation.


Create Plate DXF Files from components, not drawings, for Plasma Cutting. This also includes Sheet Metal Components.