• Do you have a business with 2 or more people and projects that require 2 or more people working on them at the same time ?
  • Do you keep your projects on a server or shared location and share the files with client computers?
  • Have you suffered performance loss on projects sharing the files across a network?
  • Have you noticed the benefits of placing an SSD drive in your local PC and working locally?

We have you covered and no it is not EPDM or PDM. It is our multi-user environment.


Imagine being able to work in any location on any project within your team 24-7 around the globe. With a Web Server that is replicated around the globe allowing uses quicker access to files. Users are able to work 3x8 shifts in different time zones with our multi-user environment. Use our Webserver or host your own, either way, all you need is a constant internet connection with decent speeds and in no time, you will be working collaboratively with others in your team around the globe. If you happen to work between computers in the office and at home and need an application that will allow you to share files between your office, home or site then we have you covered.


It goes without saying, a user cannot have the same file open with write access as another user. Our multi-user environment gives the user the ability to see who has files checked out and released within the task pane of SOLIDWORKS. If the files are checked out by another user, you can get the latest, all read only of course for you to view. The advantage of such an environment allows users to work on files lower and higher in the assembly hierarchy without tripping over each other.


If you work in a team, your projects can be shared with everyone in your team. Or certain users can be selected to work on specific projects. As an administrator, you can add team members or remove them. Teams members can be contractors working remotely, or a team of people working in an office.


Also as an Administrator, you can share your libraries with your team or not at all. You might have a person working in The US, and another working in Australia, but the person in Australia is repairing drawings only. So the library might not need to be shared with that person in Australia as they are only checking drawings. New library items can be uploaded to the web server and shared with your team. As a user requires a specific library item, only then is it downloaded.