We have been using SOLIDWORKS for over 20 years now and have come to realize that it was really in need of a structural Add-In that allowed users to create multi-disciplinary projects faster. Our Steel Designer Pro has features that fully compete with single isolated steel applications and now enables users to create Complete Projects. No more exporting structural data to steel detailing applications to create DSTV CNC NC1 files, we sure have that covered. We unfortunately, are not able to place loads and do analysis of the structure within SOLIDWORKS, so we have created an export feature that can be further developed to export and import structural data from analysis applications just like RISA 3D.


Imagine a product where you can work with colleagues in different countries or time zones on the same project. Our Multi-User environment allows users to share files with a simple check out, check in and release process across the cloud.

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There is nothing worse than filtering through your files to find the project’s assembly, or sub-assemblies, or finding that your projects need to be managed better. We have added project features that make creating projects easier and simpler.

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With our Welded Member Library Model insertion, we can insert readymade assemblies, complete with bolted connections, plates, sections, fasteners and detail drawings straight into a project automatically filed and consolidated. It is amazing when you find yourself inserting models from the library and not having to do anything except revise and issue the already detailed drawings.

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Our Bolted Connection insertion feature does the bulk of the work, such as automatically updating plates and number of bolts based on specific section depth. Fasteners automatically update grip lengths and correct extension. Our connections are parametric, which means that if you change the section associated to one of the connection’s attached sections, the connection automatically updates upon the change.

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Parts are the cornerstone to any good library, our parts library allows users to store sections, plates, fasteners, vendor supplied equipment such as handrailing components, mining equipment and much more.

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Over the years of using SOLIDWORKS, we have come to realize that it was missing batch processing of multiple components, such as hiding and showing sketches, custom properties, and section modifications.

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After all, the end result is to create drawings. How do you manage so many drawings which have to be issued to the customer or fabrication shop and their revisions. Tracking all of the revisions is difficult without a register that is automated. Batch creation of PDF's, printing, dxf, dwg and custom properties are some of the features we really love as it makes our jobs easier. No more having to change a revision in the bottom corner and then updating the revision in the revision table, as this is done automatically. How about creating your own reporting style based on a customizable reporting system. How about issuing drawings to a customer and having them receive an email to download their files. How about reducing the amount of time working on drawings and spending more time modelling, or maybe we have reduced both....

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