A Bolted Connection is an assembly consisting of parts. Our Bolted Connection library feature is where we supply an extensive parametric library of Bolted Connections such as:

  • Base Plate
  • Cap Plate
  • Fin Plate (Shear Tab)
  • End Plate (Moment)
  • Rafter and Truss Ridge
  • Web Stiffener
  • Bracing
  • Girt
  • Purlin
  • Fascia

Upon the insertion of a bolted connection, there are many processes happening that save an enormous amount of time, such as matching sections, updating plate size and holes, number of bolts and cutting matching sections. Bolted connections are not only just bolted connections, they can also be simple welded connections such as web stiffeners.

The philosophy of a library is that when you choose an item from it, minimal changes are required. Changing 10% or less is faster than starting from scratch. With SOLIDWORKS parametric behavior, suppression, unsuppression and equations, we have automated a number of the Connections to automatically update. NOTE: All items in the library have detailed drawings behind them. So when the library item is inserted, so are all of its detailed drawings ready for a quick update and then fabrication.



Everything that is stored in the library can be viewed from the Library Manager. Add New items to the library, remove them, modify them and know what is in your library with smart library filters and model types.


When the delete key is selected in SOLIDWORKS, the assemblies and components that are selected are only removed from SOLIDWORKS. The files still remain, our feature removes the associated component assembly, component files, drawing files and folders, backs them up and removes them from the project. It is always good to do a little house keeping when using SOLIDWORKS since we use a lot of files and insertion from a library tends to insert lots of completed files very fast.


The Copy Connection feature turns your project into a library. By selecting an existing Connection item in a project, then select an intersecting point, then the welded to member, then the bolted members, the copy feature will create a new instance of the connection to that location. NOTE: A new instance is a new completely automated file name throughout all of its components and drawings.


The Duplicate Connection feature is just as it sounds. An existing welded Member item can be selected to be placed similarly to Copy, but a second, third, fourth etc., instance is inserted. The benefit of this feature is that if one instance is changed then all Connection instances are as well. Duplicated Connections can only be inserted into the same Welded Member.


When you have something that is not in your library and needs to be modelled and detailed from scratch, this feature inserts a new Bolted Connection assembly and sub components ready for modelling. Different new Bolted Connections can be created to form templates.


We have placed a number of shortcuts which filter the library for you to speed the search of particular connection items in the library for you to insert into your project. Below is a sample of some of the Bolted Connection items supplied by our library for you to use in your projects.