Our DSTV CNC Export works fully within SOLIDWORKS, making it easier to work on steel projects IN SOLIDWORKS. We work in the steel industry and have found that it's painful having to export steel data to other applications just to create DSTV CNC NC1 files. So we created an exporter for ourselves and we want to share it with you...

There is a catch though.. you must have modelled your project using our Steel Designer Pro as the parts are single body parts with 1 weldment body per part modelled in a direction along the front plane. Unfortunately, you cannot use our DSTV CNC Export if:

  • Your project is not modelled using our Steel Designer Pro
  • It is a multibody Part
  • It has been imported from another application
  • It is a custom weldment profile, not specific to our library


In Line with the requirements of the DSTV CNC documentation, all different plate shapes can be converted from SOLIDWORKS to an NC1 file. Below are a couple of examples converted from SOLIDWORKS to NC1.


Section shapes such as I, Channel, Square Hollow Sections, Rectangular Hollow Sections, Equal Angles and Unequal Angles can be converted from a SOLIDWORKS File to an NC1 File. Unfortunately, we cannot convert pipe sections as there is no standard existing currently. Sections\Weldment Profiles that have been rotated moved to a non-central location point and mirrored are all captured. Below are a couple of examples converted from SOLIDWORKS to NC1.